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Bold Journey Interview Priscila Camara’s invitation to speak at Bold Journey about developing confidence and self-esteem is paramount. In a world where self-doubt and insecurities hinder personal growth, Priscila’s expertise brings hope. Her insights and experiences are valuable in guiding individuals to embrace their potential. Recognizing the significance of confidence and self-esteem in achieving success,… Read More


Meet Megan Minor I’m Alpharetta and Newborn Maternity Photographer! Do you have clients that you love? I do and I’m so blessed to have Megan. We met when she was my daughter’s kindergarten teacher and from the first time I saw her, I knew she was special. When she told me she was expecting I… Read More


New Partnership Today I want to talk about an incredible partnership with Doctor Stacey Pereira. I had been looking for a way to pass super valid information to my mommy clients for a long time. Dr. Stacey is not only an excellent professional (she is my doctor), she is also a very dear person.   … Read More

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Newborn Photography Safety during COVID-19 by Priscilla Felix   Priscilla is a nurse for almost 20 years and became a Newborn Photographer 5 years ago. Because of her knowledge she also teaches photographers and that’s how I meet her. She is an amazing professional and agreed to share this great article with me and my… Read More


Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m super excited today, not only because it is my first post but also because I’m launching my new web site. Newborn Photography is a passion I had developed since my little one was born, and it is the main focus on the work I do today.

Many thanks

I have to say thank you to two amazing people that I’m lucky to have in my life. My dear husband Renato, for believing and giving me all the support I needed. Also my dear friend and owner of Weblite, Rogerio Chimentao. Along with him, his team worked hard and listened to all my wishes to transform my dream website into reality. I can’t wait to work with them while we are planning a great partnership in the near future.

Newborn Photography

My plans as a blogger is to make it fun! In addition to sharing my work, I will also share my life experiences as a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, and everything else that I think you might enjoy reading. This is going to be a fun ride as I learn my ways to become one more cool blogger in the world, while photographing newborns and families.

Meet my little me

So, I will see you soon until my next post! Wish me luck as my little one is on summer vacation starting this week. (Oh yes, I do have a beautiful four year old daughter named Rebecca and she is the biggest inspiration for what I do. I have probably taken one million pictures of her already, she is so photogenic…)