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Paloma Schell Workshop!

As a Newborn Photographers I am always looking to learn more and more in order to offer my clients the best. Recently I had the pleasure to receive in my studio one of the best Newborn Photographers in the World, Paloma Schell. Last summer I took an intensive week workshop at Paloma’s studio in Brazil and it was the best experience I had since I became a Newborn Photographer. Meeting her for the second time, and this time in my studio was even better.

Because safety is the number one concern when it comes to Newborn Photography I had a day workshop with Priscila Felix. Priscila is a nurse and worked  at neonatal unit for many years before she became a Newborn Photographer. I also met her when attending the week workshop with Paloma and I couldn’t wait to see her again. Her workshop was amazing, we talked about special needs babies and how to handle the session offering the best experience to the parents and the babies.

Thank you Paloma and Priscila for coming and spending the time teaching me and the students.

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